New Moon in Capricorn

25.12- 23.1.2012

To get A New Moon in Capricorn for Christmas means a poor Santa. So how was your tree?? Was it so full as you remember past years?

I wrote so many things about Capricorns, in the past articles… what can I add now?? This year, in our region, gmt+1, we got the New Moon in the 5th house of the wheel. Among many things, for trade I would always check one's 5th house. Not only we got the New Moon in Capricorn, it is under the shadow of Saturn and Pluto. Restriction (Saturn)and extremes (Pluto). Then, the Sun and Moon conjunction occurred at the 2nd degree of the sign, thus making a sextile to Neptune, a square to Uranus, a trine to Jupiter and a sextile to Saturn. There is almost no planet that was not "hit" by this conjunction. So we can expect a change in everything in our lives, in the coming months, more so, because the next New Moon will also take place at 2nd degrees in Aquarius.

Besides this beginning, we have a change in Jupiter's move, from retro to direct. Uranus enters Aries, Neptune will soon be in Pisces and Saturn will leave you Libras, and enter Scorpio, for the next two years. If this is not enough, Mars will turn retro in January for three months. So as you can see everything and everybody will feel this rock and roll.

In New York, gmt -5, the New Moon occurred on the cusp of the 9th house, meaning foreign affairs. In Jakarta, Korea, it was in the 3rd house, of neighbors. In Japan in their 2nd house of money and in London it was in the 6th house of sickness. I read that the Queens' husband was hospitalized and operated with heart problems. I wish him rapid recovery.
December 26, 2011 Monday
Today we are ruled by the Moon and Venus. The Moon is in Capricorn, soon it'll make angles to Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus. Each planet will bring it's effect. Venus entered Aquarius, nothing important happing today there... The Moon is VOC. as of 15:36. Our market, I think we are alone in the world trading... is flat. People closed their screens and went skying. Did you know that on the Hermon mountain we have snow?? The Hermon mountain is at the syrian border. 7-8 hours drive you can reach Eilat, our southern part of the country, on the shores of the Red Sea. There the temperature is 25-28 celsius, while up in north you can sky.... The land of endless possibilities is here :)
TA25: trades now at 1116.37 We opened, under Mars hour, with lots of enthusiasm, but Mars hour is over now, and we are consolidating.
Targets for today: 1117-1121-1124.
Support: 1115.5

December 27, 2011 Tuesday

Yesterday out market was extremly lazy, during the whole day, but 5 minutes before closing they raised it to 1123.
Today we are under the influence of Mars and Neptune. Neptune trines Saturn. You can check what happened in your index when this occurred:

The interesting angle that will "play" today is Mercury-Jupiter 150^- for TA it is at 1110.
Support for today: 1118-1110. Resistance: 1123-1124.1

We topped at 1126.47 at15:33, then a big fall till 1119.67. Closed at 1120.81

S&P: closed at 1265.43, this is a major resistance in the spot. Moving above it, will go to 1350. Support at 1205.
Dax: graph speaks fir itself:

December 28, 2011 Wednesday

Today is the last day we can trade December options. This month was exhausting, because of the lack of volatility. There are some periods when one should just close the computer and rest. What are the planets up to today? Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the date by Saturn. One calls for action, the other says: calm down, hold your horses... Another dull day? Our last chance is with the Moon. Its angles today:
28.12.2011 9:22:53 21°11'41"Aqr Semi-square Sun

28.12.2011 11:13:27 22°11'40"Aqr Semi-square Pluto
28.12.2011 22:09:46 28°05'00"Aqr Trine Saturn
28.12.2011 23:30:54 28°48'22"Aqr Conjunction Neptune
So, we might see some action, after all.

And action it was!! Since they introduced the robots in options trading, it is impossible to trade them manually. In a nano second - if something like this exists - they can drop or raise th emarket by 200- 300 shekels. See yesterdays' graph: there is an open gap which will close today, under the Sun-Pluto conjunction.
Today' the last Thursday of the month, it's options expiry. It is better to stay out of the game, 1-2 days before the expiry. It is absolutely crazy trading, and one must have a stone instead of his heart to stay calm.
So what will happen today??
There is a major conjunction, the Sun arrived to Pluto in Capricorn, at 7 degrees. This level is a turning stone for the markets. Another interesting point is to watch Mercury - being on a distructive degree- what will it bring?
Today we are under the influence of Jupiter. It is still at 0^ Taurus. No special angles, but it is on "Mirach". This fixed star's effects are positive.
The other planet in charge of the day is Mars. ahaaaa! It is at 19^ Virgo. If you care to look what part of the body this placement triggers, look up the link I put at the left side of this blog.... Where is the Moon today? During the night it passed into Pisces. During the night it sextiled Jupiter, so there was another attempt to go LONG. (By the way I got stopped out from my short on the DOW). I put in my stops and take profits before I go to sleep. Sometimes there are nice surprises in the next morning.
Today's angles of the Moon: mind you, all positive... but the Moon in Pisces is so far from trade as Mecca to Jerusalem. So I would be very careful with LONG positions.
29.12.2011 2:28:10 0°22'52"Psc Sextile Jupiter
29.12.2011 3:14:36 0°47'34"Psc Semi-sextile Uranus
29.12.2011 15:26:45 7°14'11"Psc Sextile Pluto
29.12.2011 15:56:01 7°29'32"Psc Sextile Sun
29.12.2011 23:03:57 11°13'00"Psc Semi-sextile Venus

Here are some graphs for markets that trade now:
Hang Seng:
An interesting commodity to follow in the natural Gas: however, watch the spread!!

Market starts, have to prepare. ...

Sad news from Argentina: their president, Mrs. Cristina Fernandez, got Thyroid cancer. It is terribly odd that all South American leaders are with cancer.... Hers is not so terrible, she will get treatment, and continue her work.

 Her ascendant, Taurus, with Moon-Jupiter on the Asc., and sextile to Uranus, got triggered by directed Jupiter+Moon, and Uranus.

January 4, 2011 Wednesday

Today we are ruled by Mercury and the Sun. Mercury in Capricorn is weak, like the wind buried under the Earth.... and the Sun is in a bad placement to the Nodes. Besides that we have an exact trine between Neptune-Saturn, which, if the markets fell below it ,will form a concrete ceiling, impenetrable. So which one will it be?? Is you index above or below this firm line? We learn this is class ...What else? The Moon... oh, la Luna, is like "cherchez la famme" - in its hidden and shy way it shows us the trend. But, as I write these lines it makes a perfect, although minor, aspect to Uranus, which means a g a p. Which way will it be? above the concrete line or below???

TA25: is " imprisoned"
As long as it is in the " sleeve" we should not trade it. Perfect time to kill the Theta- in the options...
S&P: trades now at 1268 - it is on the edge of a H&S pattern... will it materialize??
Support at 1267.3 is critical. Below this level: 1260- 1259- 1258.48
Targets up: 1274-1281-1289.
DAX: Trades now at 6137 here it bumped into Mars. Next step up if any, than 6143. Then we shall see what will it be.
TA 25: isn't this a Theta killer?
 13:17 exact aspect: Moon -Uranus and Merc-Venus 150^- see the markets fall.

January 5, 2011 Thursday

Nice moves yesterday, I must say... I even downloaded my trading platform to my Iphone, went to see "Nostalgia" a good but very difficult movie, and I could follow and change my stoplosses... So it worked for me while I was away. What will happen today? Let's see where are the planets, what has changed?
Today we are ruled by Jupiter and the Moon. The Moon is in the last degrees of Taurusand it makes several angles: (we learn in class which one is favorable or not)... gmt:00: 00
5.01.2012 1:36:33 25°25'23"Tau Quincunx Mercury

5.01.2012 7:50:46 28°32'51"Tau Quincunx Saturn
5.01.2012 8:46:17 29°00'44"Tau Square Neptune
5.01.2012 9:37:49 29°26'37"Tau Sesqui-quadrate Sun
5.01.2012 10:44:14 0°00'00"Gem <<<
5.01.2012 11:50:53 0°33'32"Gem Semi-sextile Jupiter
5.01.2012 12:35:49 0°56'09"Gem Sextile Uranus

Surely there are tens of other issues to check each day...
Any world issues that were not solved yet?? Or shall I ask, any solved??? hmmmm
New Year's hangover is evaporating... time to wake up.

New highs in the S&P, Dax, and in general all over.

Watch out today at 11:00 Italy unemployment: here is their situation:
In Israel it is 5.7%. How these statistics mirrorr the actual situation, beats me...

Today I wish Huan Carlos many returns of the day, in good health and prosperity. I visited Spain a few years ago, it has a powerful effect, only walking the streets! Oh, Barcelona is unique!! Lately we had a children song contest... You must but really MUST listen to this! This is a 13 year old child!
Look it up in you tube, his name is Michel Cohen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_pHFDV2HMI&feature=related

Market starts... pity..

Dow after positive announcements:

So I come back from yoga what do I see?? Dow at 12370 topped. I had a sell position at 12363 - so it was caught, an dnow I am in short. You should see me, how I cook...:) I put my laptop very close, so I can watch the market, and meanwhile I cooked tomorrow's lunch. I am all set now, can go watch TV.
Good night.

January 8, 2012 Sunday

I have found a very good site that shows shares/etf performances all over the world. Here is a screen shot of one year performance of world wide shares.
Go to the site, and play with it... you might find it's a treasure.
Sunday... it's a weekend overseas, here it's a regular working day. It seems that the summer is back here in Israel, we hardly had some rain this year. Toursist are happy. Vegetable and fruit prices will rocket this year, because of the lack of rain. But, let's see what is going today? The Sun and Mercury are in charge of the day. This is interesting, since Mercury turned OOB, as of today, till January 21. So more volatility and unforseen changes are in the air.

Tomorrow it's Full Moon, at 9:31am gmt +2, in the 5-11 house axis. This house represents gamblings also, to mind your chips! :)Mercury will also leave Sagittarius, where it was weak, to Capricorn, bringing to people under this sign some surprises and action in life. 
Our market, on Sundays is usually dull. No volume, following the Big bro'- performances on the last week end. Usually on this day I write in the WMA group. 
TA 25 closed at 1113.  The December gap being closed, what do you think the players will do today? The arbitrage in the Dow is negative, in Nasdaq positive. The planets oppose the rally at 1117.50 and support it at 1111. But there is an angle that might make the markets jump... to 1119.50- 1123.
This pattern happened :
15.09.2009 - 16.09.2009
22.10.2009 - 23.10.2009
16.05.2010 - 17.05.2010
16.01.2011 - 17.01.2011
9.05.2011 - 10.05.2011
21.06.2011- 22.06.2011
22.08.2011 - 23.08.2011
28.09.2011 - 29.09.2011
see what happened back then...
in the future :
22.04.2012 - 23.04.2012
3.08.2012 - 4.08.2012
24.12.2012 - 25.12.2012 
S&P: closed at: 1277.81 (spot) it is on the edge of either a W or an M pattern.. I'll write about it later.

market starts, see you later...
by the way, you can add your comments below! Don't be a stranger.
Here are some interesting readings: With Mercury on the Galactic Center it is time to watch these movies: 


it is cold outside... I had to turn the heating on. Then, I went to the other room, where the Sun found shelter, and I had my lunch under the Sun, behind the window. Have you thought how lucky we are, that back in 3500 BC! somebody invented the glass, and today we have windows??
Just a winter thought....
And another: Elvis was born today, 77 ! years ago... I wonder how would he feel today with the rapp and all the techno going on??
He died at 42 years old, of overdose, if I remember well...
Look how it is all in his chart: Mercury is 42 degrees away from his Moon! Signaling a "turn in life" at this age.. Furthermore, Jupter, the ruler of hos Ascendant squared his Moon on that day.
Meanwhile nothing much is happening in the market. Just as expected. It made a high at 1117, and a low at 1110. Now it goes sideways.

January 9, 2012 Monday

Good morning... slept well??? I woke up very early today, had lot of time to read the news and catch up. Asian markets are mixed, the Arab world is red, The Dollar made 1.266 low- now it trades at 1.272, Silver is at 28.735, and so on... Today is a Full Moon... hmmm major importance for those who use astrology in the trade. But, as I always say, we should always make a synastry of everything that happens up there...Today there is also a " Mer-cozy" meeting, so I guess the world will wait. We shall do the same.
This is our opening for this week:

I shall follow it up by the week end....
As old readers already know, I write a weekly report on the S&P, Silver, or any other index that you wish. Would you like to sign up?

Just came back from yoga.... I see nothing changed.. the S&P is vegetating around 1274. Until it trades between 1267-1277- no use to trade. so I am on the fence here...
The Dax is really cruel today. look at the candles! What an enormous shadows! Do they do it on purpose the "shake out" weak traders?? Short below 5988, Long above 6070.
Better switch it off, and watch a movie...
Good night.
Any news on Mer-cozy " meeting?? fill me in...

January 10,2011 Tuesday

Two days ago I wrote: "But there is an angle that might make the markets jump... to 1119.50- 1123." - we got it today, on the exact position!!! TA25 at premarket trades now at 1138... Dax at 6100,  S&P 1281... Nice!!! Bravo to me... well sorry, nobody speaks to me here, so I have to applaud myself, and answer my own questions..
Ok, so what's in front of us today? Moon entered Leo, and sends its angles to Jupiter and Uranus. We saw what happened....
Will the indices carry on in their ride, or they'll be busy to close these gaps??
We shall see..

January 12, 2012 Thursday

Yesterday was a dull day trade-wise. Markets were hanging in there, not really tradable.Today, we are ruled by Jupiter and Mars, it should be a powerful day, something like the last stab in the back for those who went short. Yes, I thing it'll be an " up day". Let's see why... There is a powerful aspect between Sun-Mars, for a start, than Moon moves into Virgo, from there it'll be in an "unconvenient" placement to Uranus, but a good one to Jupiter, Mercury stands "hand in hand with Pluto. More aspects in the helio chart, so today is " action-action " day... Look out.
Then, between 14-17 there is no market, due to a long week end and Martin Luther King Day, so there is not much time to finish the next "leg up" in the markets, before the big correction. 
Ta25 :closed at 1122.93, after a new high at 1134. Next targets: 1127-1129. Support at: 1121.4 - 1120, 1114.
S&P trades now at: 1286.38, support on 1283, 1281- 1272. Targets up: 1290-1293.73
Nifty: trades now at 4822, after a top at 4884, there is bumped into Uranus and fell. Support now is at 4820- 4814- 4812.
Silver: trades now at 30.031, after a top at 30.225 on January 11. This is a target now. Will it go above it??

GMT +2 : up between 9:18-10:10 am, down between 11-11:52 am, closing on the higher side...

Good trading!

January 16, 2012, Monday.

Due to M.L.King day, there is no trade in the US, and so the other markets are consolidating, not a day to make any decisions. Today it's a Moon ruled day, which is in Libra, conjunct Saturn, another reason to vegetate, since Libras can never make up their minds, and Saturn cools down any enthusiasm.
The other planet to watch today is Uranus. Saturn is 150^ away from it, another negative placement.
The Dax trades now at 6170, after a top at 6180. Running above it, could go to 6240, so I put bid in, waiting.
TA 25 trades witha very low volume, nothing to do there today... So, I think we can switch off for today.

Take care.

January 17, 2012 Tuesday

Markets start in 30 minutes, but we can already see that the East is up, and the futures are also green. Today Mars and Mercury rule. Let's see where are they?

Mars, is approaching the Sun, forming 120 degrees. So, you see, there is something to watch every single day. The Moon is in Scorpio, also has major importance in market tops/ bottoms.

DAX: opened with a huge gap up. Now, it'll have to close it. Or, will it continue to 6360? We shall see...

S&P made a high at 1300.13! Look out , it might be the last top. At 12:00 pm several important announcements in Europe. Also Sunday times wrote yesterday that Greece is going to announce "bankrupcy" in March, and exit the EURO - go back to Drachma.

January 18,2012 Wednesday.

I think we saw the highs for the time being... The S&P made it to 1301.88, now trades at 1290, The Dow to 12513, trades now at 12425; the Dax 6347.40 last top, and it still has a huge open gap. What tip do the planets have for us today? it's a Mercury and Venus ruled day today. Let's see what do they have to say? Mercury is in Capricorn and under the Sun's beams, weak. Venus Is in Pisces, where is exalted, strong. So far we get a neutral picture. The Moon is in Scorpio, in fall. But with a positive angle to Mars. Will this angle be enough to wind further up  the markets? We have to search the answers somewhere else... maybe the Helio map will have the answer.

TA25: closed yesterday at 1133, now resistance is at 1139.- 1141. Support at 1132, 1127. 1129 is a major point. The question is will it be above it or below it...
For the S&P: the core point is 1299. For the Dax: 6329. Above this level, next target: 6331,6334, 6343, 6359.

Watch out check these times: http://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php?c=2&week=1326585600&do=displayweek&month=1&year=2012

EuroUSd: is ready to make new highs! targets: 1.28740.- depending on today's announcements. Support: 1.27261. In the 1 hour graph: it made a double top, We go long only if it goes above 1.2865.
Euro/YPY: Watch it carefully! Support at 97.636- Long above 98.315

After closing: TA 25 topped at 1141,at 12:20 pm at the exact time that the Moon was parallel the Sun, and in 60^ angle. Also at the time Venus entered Taurus.

The S&P did not made a new high, 1301.88 is still the last top. The Dow neigher. It is interesting to see the rally in the DAX, which I forecasted for subscribers. The last top, in October was 6441.5, still must be accomplished. But is there enough time before the turn?

Watch these minutes: Moon's angles today gmt+2
18.01.2012 21:03:16 Semi-sextile Saturn
18.01.2012 21:30:56 Square Neptune
18.01.2012 22:28:43 0°00'00"Sgr
18.01.2012 23:59:04 Semi-square Mercury
Going to Yoga, take care. :)

Something to think about: See the major indices : Dax, S&P, DOw with the Eur$, and EurYen- all move together till 2009, but then suddenly the Yen get's detached, and falls, while the others go up. The Yen made a bottom 2 days ago. I think it is worth while watching it. Something is cooking there.

January 19, 2012 Thursday

On December 27 I posted a weekly graph of the DAX. This is how it "recuperated" till now. See that the former high was not taken, and the RSI, is still below the 50.

Is the rally over??
Let's see where are the planets today: We are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune today.... Funny, how Neptune keeps popping up. Last time it ruled was on Jan 10, Jan 1(no trade) Dec. 27, Dec. 18. Check and see what happened on those days..So today Neptune is still at the last minutes of Aquarius. The trine from Saturn is still effective, which is also at 29 Libra.11. These two are the "Keepers" of these levels that the markets reached so far. Falling below them would mean the END of the rally.
I am out from the market now, watching.

Yesterday I asked: Is there enough time??
Well, DAX made a top today at 6402.25 there it "met" the Nodes with a 150^, and is falling now... I am short. Targets down: to 6362-6358-6354. 
10:38 so far low at 6358- now correction up.

Crude: I am short here. Watch it. Stop 101.75. Falling below 101.25, target: 100.20- got stopped out, after the Oil embargo announcement, the oil spiked.

Today we have several earnings releases: Microsoft, tomorrow GE. Also, today at 3:30 pm (gmt+2) lots of Fed announcements, so be ready.
Goog: watch April date, a major turn there!

Goldman Sachs:

Morgan St.
Lots of good news on Bloomberg! I would be very suspicios about what is happening now in the media...
Nasdaq: Jan 20th is a CIT date: 89 days from Oct 4 low. Let's see if it'll make it to 2501 till tomorrow. ??!!
S&P: Jan 19 is 182 days from July 21,11
Dax: made a remarkable recovery, to 6423. I did not take this ride... to much short oriented. Other indices went up too, making new highs. Now all are waiting for the opening.

January 20,2012 Friday.

Huhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa  what happened during the night?? All the horses got out and took the markets to new highs.... You see?? One should not be afraid, just get on one of these horses and ride. But, trade is all about fear, so... while I was sleeping, the EuroYen run up to 100.330! now it broke out a historical channel. I was waiting for this move, and was did not take it! acccch.
But, I stayed in LONG on Corn, and it delivered nicely.... So I cannot complain. Lots of opportunities in th emarkets all the time. Look at the Sugar, for instance.
SO what's the heat? While the wolrd is waiting for shorts, the markets refuse to obey.
Today we are under the effect of Venus, and Saturn. Venus is in Pisces, 7 degrees, Saturn at 29 Libra. There is a square between Saturn-Sun, but this is minor, since the Sun already moved on. The Saturn-Neptune trine is still on, and will be for a long time. When I don't find anything of importance in the geocentric chart, I turn to the helio: and there we can find the answers: Mercury sextiles Saturn today, thus the rally in grains. There are more angles to watch, we can do it during class... It is time to dig in and study!!! How does that song go?? The time is here, the end in near?? or something like that... but why??? well, it's all in the stars.

Today is a short day here, have to cook, and do things around the house, so be good, and trade wisely.

January 22, 2012 Sunday.

As you all know, I run the WMA yahoo group, where I send subscribers a weekly newsletter, in which I analyse many indices and commodities. There are some peope who left me anonymus messages, with no e-mail, that they would like to become a member. I cannot answer if I don't have a MAIL! You should also know that it is a premium members' group. So, Please, you , who want to sing up, leave me at least a mail. 

Good night.  

January 23,2012 Monday

Yesterday I stood up late, so I would be able to move my stop in Corn. My take profit was 613.88 and it closed at 613.50... so I was caught in for the week end. But, it was very worth while...:).

Today, so far, it seems to me, everybody is waiting for the other to show its cards. We have a new moon, in Aquarius, and as usual, I shall start a new article.
Let's see what is happening in the sky today?? The Sun moved to Aquarius, Mercury is still in Capricorn, and the other planets have not moved either. I shall watch the Moon's angles today. Those who are signed up to my WMA newsletters or took my course, know exactly what to look for today... Have you not signed up yet?? Never too late!

Thank you for being here, I shall continue, with a new article, after the markets, and yoga, in the evening.
Be good.


New Moon in Sagittarius

Between November 25- December 24 2011

What does this sign signify? Sagittarius occupies the 9th house in the wheel. This house, being in opposition to the 3rd house in Gemini, is the higher level of thinking and learning. If the 3rd house shows us our school years, how do we learn, the 9th will show us the university, but not only what should we learn in our 20ies, also the university of life. Our philosophical way of thinking. So we can relax and debate our views. The proverb says: "if you have nothing positive to say, hold your tongue." Why did the ancients give this treat to Sagittarius? If you know how the sign looks, you can understand. It is the half man half horse. A man sitting high, sees far. He does not see what is under his legs, he sees what is around the corner. He sees what is coming; before everybody else… So he can speak about it, and be pretty sure. Have you tried to persuade a Sag. ? No way! He will always have the last word, he always knows better. He always exaggerates, since Jupiter, the big benefactor is its ruler. He has a lot of enthusiasm, since it is a fire sign, and not just any fire, the highest level in the hierarchy. People with planets in Sag. will be most affected by this new Moon.

Later this month we have a Partial Solar eclipse. This too, will affect many. But I shall write about it later.

So, what I wanted to share with you is, that a good friend died today of ALS, he was suffering for 16 years. Have you thought how lucky you are that you can get up every day, do what you want? We take health so obvious… Last night-Scorpio Moon in its last glimpse- took him. He was a Scorpio. It is incredible how his chart shows it! The soul was released after many years of suffering…

So what we should do, now under Moon in Sagittarius- the sign of freedom- is to grab the meaning of the potential we get, when born. What have we done with this potential? Have we made the most of it? Have we made our very very best in work, in relationship, in trade? It is up to every one of us to DO something during these 120 years that we are given. Use every minute, every second and make the most of it.

What else should we know about Sagittarius? It is a positive sign, extrovert, mutable and one of the bestial signs. It is also double bodied – like Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. These signs can change their minds often. The books write that the latter part of this sign can be brutal, savage and uncultivated. But as I always say, we must always make a synastry of all the aspects in a chart.

For my new visitors: I start a new article every new Moon. Then you should scroll down, because I build the next day on the former, as the planets move. At the left side of this blog you will find lots of links or possibilities to share this blog on your facebook or twitter. It would be nice if you clicked "like" or commented below. I have different services, those too can be found at the left.

family meeting, must go now... trade will close soon.

Have a great week end.

November 26, 2011 Saturday.

Summer is back. It's warm outside and a perfect beach day. But I have to do my work, so I'll stay in. A few words of what is coming this month astrologically:
Nov 25- actually it was yesterday... I was not aware ! there was the last Solar eclipse for this year. It occurred at 2^ Sag. People with planets between 28^-7^ in any sign will be affected. In the Geo centric map:

Nov 26:Venus will enter Capricorn,
Nov 29 Venus at max. south declination;- mark this day
Dec.6 Moon in Taurus;
Dec. 8: Uranus at max. South declination;Dec. 14 Mercury turn direct
Dec. 10 Uranus turns direct. & a total Lunar eclipse.

Dec. 20 Moon in Sco.
Dec.24: Merry Christmas! - Market holiday.
Dec 25: Jupiter turns direct.

Mark these days in your calendar.

November 27, 2011 Sunday

Today we are ruled by the Sun and Venus. The Sun is at 4 Sag., Venus just entered Capricorn. Venus... imagine a young lady coming out of the hairdresser, with fresh make up, new dress, shining shoes, Prada hand bag... suddenly she finds herself in an army base, with severe commander, ( Saturn-ruler of Cap) who does not care about her long nails and makes her climb the next wall, and get into very high ambitions. This is how Venus feels in Capricorn. Venus will be in the base under strict orders, till December 20th.
This is what TS shows that happens usually when Venus enters Cap: 
The other important angle happening today in the sky is Mercury square Mars in helio. See what the software shows for this event:

These are the graphs I send to my subscribers. And, as I always say, the key to find out what's next is...  s y n a s t r y .
TA 25 : should not fall below 1011.50. Which it already did, this line was a strong support from Saturn. Now, next targets down: 1000, 992, 980. 
Last low - so far - 993.76 ( Price squared Uranus)
OK.. intraday made triple bottom, one higher than the other, I went long. Wish me luck :)
After closing: we made a  h u g e recovery- up to 1035...The rally started exactly when the Moon lined up with Pluto. Tomorrow, till the US will open, the sky is the limit. Then, we shall see.

Australia is opening before us, so I thought I should look at their index. They made low on Oct 4, at 3840 and a high, 577 points higher,  on Oct 28 at 4417. Then a correction came of 21 trading days, perfect turn should come there too. However, they should reach first a new bottom at 3768, this on the wheel would be 180 degrees away from 4417, and 60^ from  3840. After reaching that, a correction to 4300 in the next days will make the rest of the world also turn.  But, we don't want to run before the cart. Enter long position only if it makes a triple bottom in the intraday. If the Aussies do not read this blog, then they might just bumple down to 3907...:)
SSEA: China: graph speaks for itself...trades in a channel, but made higher lows..

November 28, 2011 Monday

I must be doing something well, Asia is up. But, somebody is pumping bad news all the time. Didn't they have time to buy longs? Now it's Belgium on the platform, and Hungary. Usually I do not care about fundametals and I rely only on the graphs and planets, but we should be careful. Do not think that a turn today will last for months. This is not the case. We take it day by day, see what happens. So Australia is up, and so is the Hang Seng. Crude ran up to 90, gold trades at 1704.76. I shall upload some graphs in the WMA group.

Let's see what's going on in the sky today: We are under the effect of the Moon and Neptune! The Moon's angles today gmt +2.

28.11.2011 12:55:48 18°38'12"Cap Semi-sextile Mercury

28.11.2011 17:06:50 21°01'40"Cap Semi-square Sun
28.11.2011 21:14:22 23°22'22"Cap Sesqui-quadrate Mars

See the dates when a semisquare occured in the past: check what happened in your index back then.

Dax: opened with a huge gap up! from 5465 to 5604! now all the day they will have to close it. ! Be very careful!
TA25 : resistance at 1045. Above that: 1050-1057

After closing: Ta25 closed at 1065.31// S&P future made high so far: 1198.63

November 29, 2011 Tuesday

It's a day ruled by Mars and Saturn. Mars is a support at 1058 for TA25 and Mercury is a resistance at 1068. See the wheel:
DAX: made a high till now at 5761. Here price was stopped by Uranus, and it will need an extra push to climb above it. Will there be such?


see you later

November 30, 2011 Wednesday

To be (Christmas rally) or not to be.... that is the question.. The S&P is on the edge, as I write these lines. 1186.88 ! It is imperative to stay above this level... at 9:00 am Important German announcement. (German retail sales).

Have to revise my positions, will be back later.
German sales came out positive, inspite of that they opened with a gap down. Now they'll be busy closing it...

The S&P fell from 1186, I went short. If it runs up above 1187, I'll close it.
Today we are under the effect of Mercury (volatility) and Mars! Very  very nervous day! Don't forget to drink water and get up from the machine from time to time!!

What a c r a z y  day !! Good that I closed the short :)
One of my targets in the S&P was achieved! 1228, next: 1268

December 1, 2011 Thursday 

we just got warmed up, and ready to rally, and it's Thursday... the last day for us here to trade. As if saying, hey, cool it! After the interference of the banks yesterday, the markets run up. Too much, too fast. As if they took Viagra. But, what goes up too fast will fall as fast, so be careful. If you roll up, to November 29, I wrote about Venus being at the max. South declination. I said, mark this day... well... we saw it's impact. Venus in Capricorn. Venus stands for the banks, and Capricorn- Saturn- for regulations. So the banks said their word yesterday. But will the common person in the street take the bite? Or will they use this rally to cash out till market is hot?
Today we are under the influence of Jupiter and Saturn. Ha!!! Two ends of the stick. Jupiter is for expansion, Saturn for restriction. Result? consolidation. Null. Any interesting angles today? Let's see:
Moon 30^ Jupiter, minor positive. Mercury 150^ Saturn- major negative. Mars 120^ Uranus, major positive, Jupiter 30^ Earth, minor pos.- Here too equal positions.

Searching for December, Wiki gave me the Daffodil, or Narcissus as its flower. This is strange, because it's a spring flower, what does it look for here in December? Anyway, you probably know the story of Narcissus, who was so obsessed with its own reflection in the water, that he kneeled to gaze and admire himself, he fell and drowned in the water. The flower is poisonous too. Is this a metaphore of what is happening now? Something " beautiful "( pumping money into the markets) happened, but it's poison will soon have its affect??

Markets opened. see you later.
Would you like to know how will the markets behave between now and end of December?? 
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December 4, 2011 Monday

Yesterday we had a boring day. So dull, the Bollinger squeezed the graph tight in. Then a small break out, and closed where it opened.
Let's see what will bring the day?... We are under the influence of the Moon and Jupiter. The former is in Aries, separating from some angles from Uranus, Mars and the Sun; heading towards  a trine to the Nodes. During the night while it made a trine to the Sun it made a new high in the S&P, at 1254.13. Jupiter, the great benefactor makes 30^ angle to Uranus. Other interesting angles today to watch are: Mercury square mars, Venus trines Mars, Mars 45^ Saturn. By the time the market opens in the US, the Sun will conjunct the Node.
There are much more issues, all these are discussed in my weekly newsletter, together with what happened when these angles occured in the past, and how did the market react to them.
TA25: closed at 1084.33 It trades in the twilight zone between 1076-1086. breaking either way will show us further levels.
S&P: now at 1252.63. Support at 1251.92-1250.5- 1247.5-1242. Resistance: 1256- 1260-1263-1267.
Dax: is now at 6051. Resistance at 6056-6058.3, Support: on Saturn at 6051, below that: 6044, 6040 and lower.

Some news: "(Reuters) - Russian voters have dealt Vladimir Putin's ruling party a heavy blow by cutting its parliamentary majority in an election that showed growing unease with his domination of the country as he prepares to reclaim the presidency.
Putin's chart. His point of age is right on natal Pluto, which is on his MC, in Leo. Directed Pluto and south node are on his natal Sun-Saturn-Neptune. No wonder he is under great pressure, and major changes. His Moon is "attacked " by Uranus and Jupiter, which is in retro, negative. Next 2 years will be critical for his reign.

More news: a new block was created while we were sleeping:
New regional bloc established at Caracas conference. Leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean have approved the creation of a new regional bloc that excludes the United States and Canada. But, unlike the Washington-based Organisation of American States, the new group (known by its Spanish initials as Celac) includes Cuba. At the end of the summit in Venezuela, the leaders pledged closer ties. They pledged to try to withstand the financial crisis affecting Europe and other developed economies.

The host, President Hugo Chavez, called the summit "historic".
Hugo Chavez is fighting cancer, here is his map:

Market starts, let get back to action....

December 6, 2011 Tuesday

opened with a big gap down, now it is correction upwards, 50%, let's see what happens. the Eurozone got downgraded, that's why the fall. Astrologically, Mars-Venus trine stopped the rally yesterday at 5pm gmt 00:00. exact angle on the second!

December 7, 2011 Wednesday

Today it's Mercury's day. The planet is in retro, in detriment is Sagittarius, slow in motion, and combust the Sun. It is very negative. It makes a more negative angle to Pluto..Be ready for a hectic day. Tranquillizers, gym, water, should be handy...why do I say that?? Because the signs show a fall, but the East is up. So what will it be??

TA25: closed at 1090. On the wheel it looks like this: made a 150^ to Mars and could not go above.

S&P: trades now at 1262.63. in the1 hour chart it tried to go above 1265 3 times... You, who read this blog for the last two years, know, that I called this: " the three fathers pattern" after that comes the fall... Price is supported by Jupiter and Uranus, but blocked, at 1266.45 by Pluto. Will there be a power to push it above its iron walls?

December 10, 2011 Saturday

We have a powerful Lunar eclipse today. Watch this to understand better.
The lunar eclipse occurs at 18 deg. in Gemini, at 14:37 pm, so only in the dark places- see pic. below, will be seen.
This eclipse belongs to Saros 135. What is Saros cycle?? I wrote about it many times in this blog, and you can find it also here. One should check in which house in his/her map the eclipse occurs?? The things attributed to that house will be stessed, those will be highlighted. People with planets between 13- 23 degrees will feel the effect of this eclipse. Since I am writing about the markets, one of the important maps is the Federal Reserve's chart, "born" on Dec. 23, 1913. Sun at 1 Cap.33, North Node on the cusp of the 8th house, MC in Aries, Mars at 19 degrees. All these will be "attacked by the eclipse, and much more severe, Hades is in opposition the Sun. I will not be surprised if a rabbit will be pulled out of the hat in the coming weeks, with some monetary explosion, as Hades can bring. But one does not have to use the Uranian planets, as Hades, to look at the chart! See Uranus in transit, at 0 Aries degrees, squaring the Sun, Mercury turning soon direct, Jupiter at 0 degrees Taurus, 150deg. to the Sun, all are ready to bring the swift and unexpected blow.

About the markets: the S&P broke up the 1265-66 resistance line, only to make a "shake out" at 1271.38, and a fall into 1228.38. After such a fall usually a rebound is coming, and positive news are pomped into the media. The real rally would start only running up above 1272. So, mind your steps, a further decline to 1207 can come. if not lower...

Have a nice week end.

December 11, 2011 Sunday

Today we are ruled by the Sun and Mars. The Sun is at 18 degrees Sag. Mars at 13 Virgo. They both form a support for TA25, the only index that trades on Sundays, in the world. We open the week on Sunday, or, as it is called in Hebrew, the "first day". Usually TA25 follows the DAX, and S&P, so on this day we react of what ever happened overseas. Today we can expect a very manipulative day, since the Moon is still in Gemini. But the main actor today is Uranus, which is turning stationary, before moving forward again. expect the unexpected! More so, since it is at the " Aries Point". - 0 degrees Aries, the very start of the wheel.

TA25 closed at 1070. Now support is at 1068.

will be back later.
I was wrong... TA25 is not the only index that trades ! the Arab world trades now, see here:
Our market is extreemly boring. They opened with a gap up- wiping out a nice gain in Puts. Since the morning they put the market on hold, and went fishing... nothing happens. Great time to play with " WordJong"- look it up, it's a good game.

December 13, 2011 Tuesday

Friends call to see if I am OK, since I have not written for the last two days...Sometimes is difficult to write and write, and get no feed back at all. I feel as if no one reads this blog, and I am talking to myself. My clients were not neglected, they receive my inputs almost daily. Besides that, the markets are so boring, I am playing with Scrabble jong.
Today we wish " happy birthday " to Mr. Bernanke. I difficult year ahead..
But who hasn't?
As I wrote in my news letter, the S&P reached one of my targets, I am still waiting for the next one. Meanwhile the index is correcting yesterday's blow. And we all wait for the Fed. announcement in the evening. Better not be in the market during that time. Mind you , today we have a VOC.Moon, another good reason, not to be involved. False alarms, and controversary directions, it is impossible to trade, or to take a good decision for long or short.
TA25: it is a shame! for the last 5 days the volume is 500 mil. shekel, less than a grocery store in LA. This does not stop " them" to raise or push the markets 2-2.50% daily. If you have still hair on your head, better quit now...


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December 14, 2011 Wedensday.

Finnaly we got a move yesterday, at 19:00 gmt 00 - under the VOC. moon!S&P dived from 1238 to 1212. Is this the last low?
Let's see what do the planets say: Today it's a Mercurian day. Mercury is stationary at 3Sag.52 before turning direct. Right now there is a trine with the Moon, which is a positive angle. The S&P (march contract) trades now at 1222. This level equals 22 Leo. Price trines the Sun, but there is a malefic angle to Venus.
Falling below 1221 would push it down again to 1214. This is a stong support, however, in a Mercury day everything is possible, so next levels below that: 1206, 1204, 1200, 1198.( my final target).
Here is the 1 hour graph with mixed oscillators. Some say up, some say down...

The other planet to watch today is Jupiter. 
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TA25: closed yesterday at 1077.15 It is a shame how this index can be manipulated with a turnover of a grocery store in LA. Support now is at  1072, 1059.50, 1058, 1054. To the upside... everything can happen in this index... 1078 and higher.
Watch 11:38 am for a CIT.

Have a profitable day!

December 15,2011 Thursday

My day began at 6:30, I had to take my ex mother in law to check up... We waited endlessly. I came home at noon, just to see that the market bottomed, as expected, and is trying now to go up... Also as expected. The S&P reached my exact target: 1198- wrote in my newsletters maybe two weeks ago. Then I started to cook. I hate to cook. Just imagine how much time , energy and money one waists while buying, cooking, cleaning up the kitchen just to finish the dish maximum 15 minutes. We are not French, who sit down for 3-4 hours and actually enjoy their meal.... We are running. Running in the morning, in eating, in doing things, for instance I put on my make -up while stuck in the red lights, in the car. Lately I read that if police catches you eating, or putting up make-up, it can be a nasty fee. People live in their cars today. Thanks God I do not have to leave the house in the mornings any more... Today I was 70 minutes in a traffic jam, on a road that should take 10 min. max.  So, since I hate so much to cook, I look for easy meals, one has to eat, after all. Today it will be an " orange lentil" soup. I put in everything that has orange colour. After it is ready, I smash it with a mixer, and we have soup for a week. Well, I tripled the quantity that it is written in the recipe I linked above. I will bring some to my mom, and daughter. My son announced that he is moving out for two weeks to watch a friend's house, with dogs. They go abroad... I am afraid I'll be let with the huge amount of soup alone.. Well, you are invited. :)

So where are the markets now? Dax at 5732, S&P at 1209, both might make an M pattern, so watch out.

OK, have to go.
take care

Thursdays and Mondays are my Yoga days. I went today with special expectation, to calm my  nerves... I am so nervous, better not to bump into me. The teacher did not arrive, and they said, she put up an " excuse me " on face book... who the hell looks in facebook??? Anyways, one of the girls took over, and we had a great lesson. I came home, and what do I see?? S&P reached my first target. Now I will take a long bath. It was a difficult day. But I have the priviledge to check my map, and see that Mercury is turning, and other planets affect me too. No wonder.... OK
Good night.
Where is your Mercury?? This little devil is to blame.

December 19, 2011 Monday

Mercury and the Lunar eclipse took Mr. Kim Jong II, Korth Korea's president, who died on the 17th at 8:30. I do not have his hour of birth, but we can see clearly, the affects of the transiting planets on his natal chart. We know he was ill for a long time, and his time was up at the age of 69 and 10 months.
See the difference between his South Node and Saturn, is 69- showing the time of death. Mars in disharmonic position to his Sun, (sudden heart attack). To see death in one's chart there must be at least 7-8 angles or planets position to show the same. And in his maps there are plenty. Here it is, if you want to study it.

S.Korea Market fell: target now 1570

Australia, all the East is negative, but did not make lower lows than Nov 28; except India.  

Where do we find the planets today? As always, at this time of the year, the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Center, at 27^ Sag. The Galactic Center is the heart of the "black hole", one day Earth will be absorbed by it. Don't worry, not in the next couple of hundreds of years to come... Before it "swallows us" we will have a lot of time to make our lives miserable by our own hands... The Moon today is in Libra. Libras have difficulty in deciding, so if the markets will consolidate, blame it on the Moon; and not on " Mer-cozy"- they don't have any answers. The Moon is also in a "waning" position, decreasing in light, weak. Waning Moon periods are excellent to finish things, like have the last dentist check up, after 10 sessions, or put the seal on a contract. Mercury turned direct, we saw it's impact. It is now in Sagittarius, where it is weak, another reason for side trading. Venus is at the end of Capricorn, 28^. Venus is leaving a square from Saturn- good timing in the grains trading. Mars is at 16^ Virgo, solitary, no angles to anyone.... hmmm. It is like a panther loose. Very dangerous! It is also conjunct to the arabic part " the Point of End" I wonder what endings it will bring?? It will make a bad angle to Venus only on the 23rd. Jupiter is on 0^ retro in Taurus, on the fortunate fixed star Mirach. Saturn, the severe and cold planet, is at 27^ Libra. It makes a malefic angle to Neptune.
This placement took place before :

or in the S&P:

Another news item popped up: Erdugan has also cancer.
Natal map: Uranus conj. South Node- at the malefic 19^ in Cancer, triggered  by directed South Node in Virgo one year ago. And Moon-Mars conjunction with 150^ to Uranus-South Node.

Market started.... have to switch... bye

December 20, 2011 Tuesday

Yesterday we got lower lows in the afternoon, and as such, it seems that Santa is not coming this year... I mean, the rally...
S&P fell from Neptune (1198), and made a new low at 1194. Today we have two major issues: Moon moving into Scorpio, and a square between Venus-Jupiter, the two benefactors. Will they block a further fall? Venus is at 1109 calculated for TA25, and 1219 for the S&P. The S&P trades now at 1205 so this square forms a resistance, rather than a support. Would it run up above 1219, by the time it opens in the US, it will be a LONG.
See this graph: the Timing Solution software gives a possibility of a fall after 3 days that this angle happens. But these statistics should be used with ten question marks, they are not always true and other angles and positions should be checked as well.

Does anybody know the time of birth of the new leader ( son of Kim Jong) in North Korea?? Pls. e-mail me. Thank you. 

Moon entered Scorpio at 13:35 We got a top and turn in all the markets !!
December 21,2011 Wednesday

Up up up... will comment later.

TA 25 :

Venus- Uranus - Jupiter first a boom up- then a boom down- exact timing again !

 December 22, 2011 Thursday

Today we are under the influence of Jupiter and the Moon, which is in the final degrees of Scorpio. A change is close...
Yesterday the markets topped. There is still time today for an extra effort, but with market holiday in the US, until the 28th it will be difficult to see the right direction. What I advise you to do?? Celebrate, close the computer, and have fun.
Here we celebrate Hanukkah, and you over there X-mas, so I wish Happy holidays, health and wealth to all.

December 25, 2011

Our journey came to an end. Christmas came with a new Moon, so, as usual, I am starting a new article with some changes in the structure, under Capricorn New Moon.
Thanks for being here, follow me to the new page.