Why in Chile?

The earthquake that occured today morning in Chile was one of the biggest ever.
Numerologically it is a day ruled by Mercury : 27.2.2010= 2+7+2+2+0+1+0=14/5. Mercury, as we can see in the map below is conjunct Neptune, in Pisces and Chiron. Mercury also squares the "Point of dangers and Peril." (p10)

The ascendant is at 19 Cap, with the North Node on it. Saturn, ruler of Asc. squares PLuto. Opposit the ascendant is Mars, which is OOB (out of bound), meaning in declination is higher than 23*27'. When Mars  OOB and retro! is more wicked than usual. The Moon was, at that time in H8, house of death and transformation.
For the first time, I saw someone in a group, mentioning "Varuna" (a1) causing earthquakes. This astroid is 180 deg. from the asc.
So we see the players and co-players in this picture, but what I would like to understand, why in Chile?
How can we locate future earthquakes ?

March 4, 2010

Hi, read my article :http://www.astroworld.co.il/default.asp?iID=LLDFG

March 5 before the opening

The Dow future made a H&S pattern, expected target: 10576. Support 10380

March 15 before the opening:

It's new moon today, meaning the Moon is conjunct the Sun in Pisces. There are a bunch of planets in Pisces now: Uranus at 26 degree, Mercury too, all four of them in a Jupiterian decanate. Jupiter is in Pisces too, but under the influence of Scorpio. They will all line up at midnight today, (Tel Aviv time), or at 19:00 NY time.
Uranus will block the trend at 10646.

Breaking down below 10583, will push it till 10503.

Good traiding!

March 16.

Look how Uranus stopped the market!:

This level will be a resistance line from now on. Only if the Dow will go above 10655.98 (March future) it'll go further up. I doubt this will happen in the next days.

March 17:
While you were sleeping the Dow run up to 10722, So this is now a new level to conquer during trading hours. 10692 is resistance. nterest rates frozen in the US as in Japan, life is good. Isn't it? If the Dow goes above 10722, next target 10753.

Happy trading!

I thought a picture would help, so here is today's graph: with targets
March 18: The Dow is now between 10728.13- 10769.33. So... take care!

March 19: The Dow reached my target of 10800, even went above it. Now we can see that the oscillators are all very high, and a correction is on its way. I would go short at this stage with stop at 10830.

I guess my screen froze, here is a new graph: